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Our Story

     In August 2007, Dan Dinsmore and his wife Mar of Serinamar Marine Services Ltd suffered carbon monoxide poisoning while crewing aboard an 85-foot yacht. This near-death experience motivated them to investigate a way to reduce or eliminate deadly emissions for others. This is not an obscure occurrence in the marine world or for Dan and Mar. Dan and Mar have sailed the world extensively and have seen the dangerous conditions that exist in the marine world, as well as the environmental damage it causes.

     Mar has been a proponent of hydrogen power for many years and researched it extensively. Finding nothing on the market that could power a marine vessel, they set out to design their own system. Dan, being the inventor extraordinaire that he is, came up with several incredible breakthroughs in design and equipment that were the precursors to our patented equipment of today.

     The University of Victoria became interested in their research and ground-breaking developments and ask to join them in their quest. Chris Chow, Brent Reynolds, and Lee Adams from the UVIC mechanical engineering program took on the project and won first place in the IDC Award for Innovation and Commercialization Potential and won the UVIC Mechatronic System Design award.

     Dan and Mar’s life savings was poured into the project and it was poised to be ground-breaking. Shortly after that, a supposed reputable financier and business executive proposed an amalgamation of talent. He would bring in funding and run the business and they would provide the technology and do more research and development for more products.

     Well, he did run, but with the money and then attempted to sue them for not transferring the technology to his business. He used the funds that was raised by a broker (and put it into his private company) to keep suing them, which eventually drained their personal accounts and resulted in the loss of their house. Ultimately they won each and every ridiculous false allegation. It took them 8 long years, but they are back and excited to make a difference.