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Canadian Regulations

This is all timely since we just received information from the NSBA as follows;

“Section 110.3 of Transport Canada’s Vessel Pollution and Dangerous Chemical Regulations require Canadian commercial vessels with diesel engines of more than 130kW (174hp) to meet IMO Tier III (different to EPA Tier 3) air emission standards. Since the regulation came out several years ago, the requirement has been impossible to meet as no IMO Tier III-compliant engines were available in this power range.

 This requirement affects new construction and re-powering of existing vessels.

 With consistent input from NSBA and engine manufacturers, Transport Canada recognized this situation and brought in Interim Measures in the form of a Ship Safety Bulletin. Until the end of December 2017 Ship Safety Bulletin SSB 02/2017 applies.”

Blair Stacey
Senior Marine Emissions Engineer
Navigation Safety and Environmental Programs
Marine Safety and Security
Transport Canada